Master's Hammer - Varia

Another holiday single. Most probably we'll continue this new habit since last year's summer 7" SP was accepted quite well.
July 25, 2013: Jilemnický Okultista demotape replicated. We've found the last 100 copies of original covers printed back in 1992 and assumed that someone could use it...
September 11, 2012: 7" SP released. You can buy it also at Madmusick here, and at other good sellers.
Mantras and Konve are back in stock!

June 2012: Vinyls as well as CDs are sold out, at the moment there are only a few pieces left at Madmusick here, and at other good distributors.

Ignore mp3!

vinyl - test pressing
Feb. 9: Why the vinyl holds 2 songs less than the CD? It's for the vinyl's proper sound level. The norm for cutting matrices recommends the playing time of about 19:30 minutes per side, into which limit we managed to stuff exactly 5 / 5 songs. The groove should not lead under the center label, where the needle can't follow. At the same time, the groove shall transfer all frequencies of the original master with utmost richness, strength and clarity. If the record is longer, the engineer has to cut low frequencies and/or damp the overall level slightly by -2dB.
We've chosen so called deep cutting, or "Loudness Priority" option, so it sounds properly. Those two tracks missing on the LP (Dreaming Bulldog and Flammarion Fatal Mix) are after all quite futile. Especially the last mentioned Mr. Necrocock hates.

MH: Vracejte konve na místo
February 7: It's the fullmoon, all is frozen to ice and we're bringing new vinyls from the factory. Can't be luckier coincidence, as this album is about disgrace of stars, killing weather, paths full of holes and frozen lumps, and about the impact of all of it onto one's brain (see nordic metal). We're curious about who will like to blunt his grammophone needle and ruin his good taste with this.
A brief notice about these new pages: no pro- webdesigner here, so it looks accordingly. Imagine, that most of the culprits of such music don't even know notes, and the special feature of underground has always been a courage to do things a sloppy way. Perfection is a sort of disease.

Rumors related:
Upon various tales on releasing of our older stuff we can say:
a) Monitor/EMI is truly going to re-press Ritual after 21 years, with the original untouched sound from the studio "C", with the brilliant mix by Miloš "Dodo" Doležal and with re-construction of the original cover design, including limited-edition vinyl.
b) All copies of Mantras are gone more than a year ago. Therefore we'll issue another batch. It's a good occassion to re-master it slightly as the original sound wasn't the strongest one.
c) Old demos (a sensitive issue) shall stay here on the web for now as funny reminder. We're not excited about their re-release as it represents the same production burden as doing new stuff; and we prefer to do new stuff. Frankly spoken, the old cassette tapes with xerox-inlays and regrettable sound have their magic in their original shape.