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May 18. 2014: Releasing the sixth regular album.

An imaginary old wanderer (vagus vetus) journeys through an unfamiliar labyrinth and there's nothing good waiting for him. Disgusted with progress and modernity of all kinds, he enjoys listening to aeolian harps and sounds of postmortal flatulence. He finds his consolation in hedonic experiences of natural origin. The phraseology of extreme metal, though already pitiful and worn-out, is good enough to express the urgency of these topics.

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01 αιολος I.

02 XMZ

03 Panuška

04 V aiolských harfách

05 Chrchel

06 Receptura

07 Špacírka

08 Na kanibalských jatkách

09 Beedi

10 Zvířecí zvuky

11 Prďák

12 Pod vrstvou prachu

13 Nengemengelengem

14 αιολος II.

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