Master's Hammer - Vracejte konve na místo
Vracejte konve na místo.

February 2012: New album released. Click to open front cover design.
For some incidental reasons in autumn 2011 I couldn't fly again to our favourite sunny beach in southern India, I'm stuck here in Bohemian frozen wilderness for the whole winter. I enjoyed the fading sun, admired hoarfrost on my windows and crooky branches of elderly oaks covered by new snow. Impressive grey silence and loneliness. Brave rednecks in local pub are at present the only specimen of civilization. My time is split between book illustration job and musicwriting. When the flaming throat of the iron stove in my studio is shining and roe deers are passing outside, I'm composing songs inspired by winter landscape at night and by graveyard typography. When walking on cemeteries, I've noticed several times a strange inscription which I found appropriate as title for this album: "Vracejte konve na místo" (Put Watering Cans Back in Place).

This is MH occasional studio line-up, (not intended for live playing). Click to see the vinyl cover backside.
Musicians (left to right): Joe Harper: jaw harp and throat singing in "Šumava", "Podejte mi samopal" and "Pantheismus dobra", (his samples used in other songs as well).
Jan Kapák: drums**, František Štorm: vocals, guitars*, bass and synths, Necrocock***: vocals and sick harmonies in "Lovecraft" and "Flammarion", dramaturgic adviser.
The bulldog (not present): Eda, starring in "Dreaming Bulldog" intermezzo (CD version only).
Composed, recorded and mixed in Jihosound studio. Drums were recorded at Hellsound Studio in December 13. – 15. 2011. Mastered by Blackosh in January 2012.
(*FŠ plays Vivian custom built guitar by Jan Vlasák, **JK plays Mapex drums, Anatolian cymbals and Pellwood drumsticks, ***NC:
All songs written and cover artwork made by © František Štorm 2012, cover photography by Blackosh.