Master's Hammer - 7SP2012
7" SP 2012.

Releasing 7" SP.

Horror of the universe is surrounding us from all sides and man tries vainly to capture that sound of latent inevitable damnation in anticipation of unnameable loath of the darkest outer space, which is not allowed to even think of. Well, when illustrating another volume of Lovecraft's writings and observing summer Perseids on my way from a village pub, something hatched out in my head. (The background picture on this page is a July night sky in Domanín.)
This June in Moscow I bought an amazing Russian tube guitar preamp and I'm still learning to work with it, just as I struggle with mastering, which I've learned from Blackosh.
Then we thought we could harden a little more the style, but we again approached some nasty form of astral-hecatombic senile gay-metal...

This 7"SP is released on vinyl only, at 45 rpm speed. On the eventual next album these songs shall be added in slightly different versions, but who knows, most probably we'll skip them to save space for some new ones.