Master's Hammer - BLMH 14
7" split SP.


5. 4. 2014: Releasing another 7" split SP.

A seven-inch doesn't provide much space for music, so the ideas are supposed to be squeezed into a shortcut, which would characterize our current mood. As you can hear, those are sentimental reminders of the times when we've been doing the so-called real blackmetal. This time, frankly, no irony, no hyperbole, just a certain memory. The text says it all. On the cover design there are two postal pigeons as the song is about two old letters.

We can agree on one thing. When releasing more splits, we need to make each of them a little different. This time, we said something in the sense that we could recall the good old times before we completely forget everything. So I went through some of my old demos (to get the right feel of authenticity) and found this, an almost complete song, including the lyrics. This is a song which incorporates mainly riffs from the 90s. Excavated from worn out tapes and picked from working demo recordings, containing material intended for another album of Entrails, which we have never completed.

Listen up the audio sample.
(Don't hesitate to trigger both samples at the same time... )

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