Master's Hammer - 7SP2012
BLMH 7" split SP 2013.

July 25, 2013: Releasing 7" split SP.

In spring 2013 Blackosh encouraged me to do something together. 7" vinyl split was what he had in mind, as it is easy to produce besides all the jobs that each of us works on individually. We share a lot of things with Blackie, we like the same music, drinks and smoke, we share the same inspiration by occult extraterrestrial horrors. The presented BLMH split SP is out exclusively on vinyl for a relaxing listening as our summertime greetings to our fans that I believe we also have in common.

Listen up the audio sample.
(Don't hesitate to trigger both samples at the same time... )

Blackosh ↓

Master's Hammer ↓
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